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New Irrigation System Catching On

There's over 120-thousand acres of irrigated pastures in our county... and most of them use aluminum hand line systems, a concept that's been around for over a half­-century.

Line-Pod Irrigation Helps Revive Western Nebraska Ranch

Line-pod irrigation system revives Nebraska ranch and is simple enough for a former city businessman to manage and maintain. The 400-acre pasture equipped with pod-line irrigation has permitted carrying capacity to more than triple.

New Zealand refines irrigation system

Intensive pasture grazing requires irrigation, and that typically means expensive systems that are time- and labor-intensive to move and maintain.

Ongoing K-Line Research
K-Line  | K Line

Three research stations have installed K-Line systems. These research stations will be evaluating the effectiveness of K-Line systems over the course of the next several years.

Customized Irrigation Solutions
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