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Ongoing K-Line Research

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Three research stations have installed K-Line systems. These research stations will be evaluating the effectiveness of K-Line systems over the course of the next several years.


The first system was installed at the Nancy Cummings research station in Idaho.

University of Idaho

College of Agricultural and Life Sciences

Nancy M. Cummings Research, Extension and Education Center

16 Hot Springs Ranch Road

Carmen, ID 83462   Phone 208-756-2749

The research center initally purchased 2 K-Lines totaling 24 pods.


The second was installed in North Dakota.

USDA Agriculture Research Service

Northern Great Plains Research Lab

1701 Kent Avenue Southwest

Mandan, ND 58554   Phone 701-667-3013

The research service has several K-Lines up and running.


The third was installed in Yakima, WA.

Extension Faculty, Animal Sciences, Livestock, Forage, and Range Management

Cooperative Extension Service

Washington State University, Yakima County

128 North Second Street, Courthouse Room 233

Yakima, WA 98901-2631   Phone 509-574-1600

This research center initally purchased 3 K-Lines totaling 20 pods.


Just a couple of other notes:

The University of Nebraska holds multiple pasture walks during the year. Interested parties can contact the University of Nebraska Cooperative Extension service in Knox County at 402-288-5611 for more information about the walks.

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