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K-Line Applications


The versatility and simplicity of K-Line allow it to shine where other irrigation options may prove less practical. K-Line is easily manipulated to the shape of the irrigated area and is uninhibited by steep terrain. The proprietary blend of polyethylene makes K-Line durable enough to work in pastures where obstructions such as rocks may damage other products and requires very little labor to assemble, maintain, or disassemble.


K-Line allows you to fully use every single acre of your land.


Green grass, whether it be in your yard, city park, your kids’ athletic fields, or your farm's most significant economic factor, is a sign of health, beauty, and prosperity. Need to apply fertilizer through the irrigation system? K-Line can do that!

Situational Uses

The Reason K-Line was Developed

K-Line allows you to provide an immediate jolt of growth once livestock are finished grazing a paddock. As soon as livestock are moved out of a paddock, K-Line can be effortlessly shifted right behind them, without having to disturb fence lines or install special irrigation crossings.

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Protect Your Home

The use of a K-Line system allows you to create defensible space around your home, staving off encroaching threats of wildfire and serving as a supplemental “insurance policy” for your home and your family’s wellbeing.

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Even Application | No More Missed Corners

K-Line will reduce your irrigation labor costs and permit variable application rates within a single field. The lightweight design of K-Line means there is little soil or plant disturbance when operating or when moved.

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Eliminate the Cost & Labor of Hauling Livestock Runoff

With K-Line, rather than regularly pumping, hauling, and figuring out how to dispose of this liability, you can turn it into an easily manageable asset.

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Maximize Production. Minimize Labor & Maintenance.

K-Line is effortlessly moved from one setting to the next with an ATV or lawn tractor, and if utilizing a shifter cart the operator doesn’t even have to get off the vehicle.

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Orchards / Produce
Move Lines Between Rows with Ease

Reduce the amount of underground piping required to irrigate orchards and produce fields. The transportability of K-Line means you can easily alternate the lines between rows.

Dust Suppression
Racetracks | Rodeo Arenas | Construction Sites

If you need a fast, efficient way to dampen an area to eliminate dust, K-Line is an excellent option. K-Line is quick to set up and easy to completely remove from a site.

Green Spaces
Athletic Fields | Yards | Golf Courses | Cemeteries | Parks

K-Line is a great fit for any area, large or small, where green grass is desired. It requires very little time to shift or completely remove the tubing and pods. In most situations, a riding lawnmower is adequate power to assist with moving lines.

Customized Irrigation Solutions
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