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K-Line Applications

Sod Farms / Germination / Cover Crops
Even Application | No More Missed Corners

Big gun systems require time and/or multiple people to reset a system and are uneven in application rates. Center pivots are a significant investment and often can’t irrigate every area of a field. K-Line solves these problems by being maneuverable by a single person and manipulable to any shape field. K-Line will reduce your irrigation labor costs and permit variable application rates within a single field. Another feature that K-Line provides that solid-set or underground systems don’t is that it can be completely removed from the field for harvest and used elsewhere on the property. The lightweight design of K-Line means there is little soil or plant disturbance when operating or when moved. An injection system can be easily incorporated into the system if fertigation or other chemical application is required.

Customized Irrigation Solutions
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