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Irrigation Systems & Products

K-Line North America's flagship product is the K-Line irrigation system by RX Plastics of New Zealand. However, we also carry RX's technologically innovative G-Set system -- a permanent-set irrigation solution. Together, these two systems fit a variety of situations where producers once thought that irrigation options were impractical or overpriced.


If you're curious about which system is best suited for your situation, fill out the Request A Consultation form and one of our designers will help guide you through the details of each option. 

Our Products

K-Line is the simplest irrigation solution on the market and can be designed to fit any field. K-Line is designed to fit each specific application site - not the site to the system. If “problem areas” within a field exist that need specific irrigation rates, K-Line can easily flex to those needs. Unlike other systems which are incapable of variable rate application, K-Line can be manipulated to apply more or less water (and fertilizer), even to very small areas within a field.

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Farm Packs are our prepackaged "grab-and-go" K-Line product. The same pods and tubing available in bulk form from dealers are now packaged together with all componentry needed for most smaller scale situations (1-4 acres). For medium-scale situations of approximately 4-11 acres, multiple packs can be combined to fit the property. All Farm Packs come with fittings required to combine packs.

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G-set is a solid set irrigation system that requires no moving. It is automated to run on a specific schedule which can be quickly and easily adjusted via remote control. Each G-set pod has its own automatic valve and controller which allows for individual control of each sprinkler. This is an outstanding feature when irrigating undulating ground, differing soil types, and/or multiple crops with varying water requirements. If your goal is to reduce labor and have a highly efficient irrigation system, then G-set may be right for you.

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Portable Tanks; convenient, durable options for managed livestock grazing.

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Make moving your K-Line system even easier and faster with a Kwik Shifter dolly.

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