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When a New Zealander was asked what he liked best about K-Line irrigation, his response was, “It’s simple. It’s basic. There’s not much that can go wrong. The only moving parts are the pumps, the sprinkler heads, and the bloke on the bike (guy on the ATV) moving the line.”







Precise Application


K-Line's many options include sprinklers that offer uniform water delivery, even on undulating terrain and windy conditions. Furthermore, in places where soil type or terrain changes abruptly, water (and fertilizer/chemical) application can be varied. This means you can put exactly what's needed, where it's needed, without wasting money or precious natural resources. 

K-Line systems permit water to penetrate deep into the soil with little or no run-off (like a soft rain). Appropriate application ensures every precious gallon goes further. Factors that our designers use to size your system include soil type, crop, evapotranspiration rate, terrain, and relocation interval.






Management Flexibility


Livestock are not affected - in fact, they like to graze around the operating sprinklers (especially on hot days).


Rotational graziers like the way K-Line adapts to their field layout and grazing practices. Systems can be designed to work with your internal fence layout and don't require built-in fence crossings. Many graziers like to move their K-Line systems into paddocks immediately after a grazing event to promote immediate regrowth.







K-Line irrigation is designed to fit the field, not the field altered to fit the system as is often the case with other forms of irrigation. K-Line can be designed around obstructions - resulting in large initial cost savings. For odd-shaped areas, fittings can be used to extend or shorten lines as necessary. 







K-Line pods are very tough, one-piece polyethylene units with an integral, durable weighted base designed to protect internal sprinkler components and prevent tipping of pods or twisting lines while turning corners.




Tough yet Flexible


Durable yet ductile, K-Line tubing is an integral part of the system which is specially formulated to withstand temperature extremes and exposure to UV light. What makes K-Line unique are its properties of both high- and low-density polyethylene. This gives it strength and flexibility for shifting, even across rocky terrain. Special, heavy-duty fittings are designed to withstand the stress of line movement while the sprinklers are operating.







Shifting of K-Lines is quick and easy; by shifting while the sprinklers are still operating, little moving time is necessary. Using an ATV, a 500-foot line of sprinklers can be easily repositioned in less than three minutes. Shifting is commonly done once a day at a convenient time for the operator and nearly anybody can do it!







Customized Irrigation Solutions
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