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K-Line Resources


Guidance | Considerations | Layout Options

Resources for figuring system sizing, irrigation frequency, application rate, water availability requirements, and more.

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System Componentry Options

There are multiple options available for various K-Line system components. This section outlines options and selection factors for K-PIPE sizing, sprinkler choices, and fittings.

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Directions & Suggestions

K-Line is so easy to install, almost anyone can do it themselves as long as they have the right guidance.
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Tips & Tricks for Moving K-Lines

Ensure you're getting the most out of your system with as little effort as is necessary. System frustrations are often the result of misunderstanding how to effectively and efficiently move, relocate, and manipulate a K-Line system.

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Common System Issues

Symptoms & solutions list to help troubleshoot the most common K-Line system problems.

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Customized Irrigation Solutions
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Tell us about your proposed irrigation project. After you provide relevant details, we will work with your local K-Line dealership to provide you with a personalized design, materials list, and project estimate.