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K-Line Resources

Operation & Troubleshooting


Relocating K-LInes


One of the most significant factors that will lead to success and satisfaction with K-Line systems is understanding how to most easily relocate and manipulate the Feed Line and Pod Line. The following videos will help you visualize the movement and positioning of a K-Line to each consecutive set within a zone and provide some helpful tips and tricks when getting started with K-Line.  


K-LINE 101

Tips and tricks for every new K-Line user!



This animation is intended to help users understand how a K-Line system is typically positioned and repositioned in a field as well as outline correct Feed Line positioning for each of the various shifts within a zone.



Pages 8-10 of the Assembly Manual depict and explain shifting to each set in a zone. Pay particularly close attention to the Feed Line positioning for each set, depicted on page 9.


Assembly Manual







The Troubleshooting Guide can also be found at the end of all K-Line Irrigation Installation/Assembly Manuals.

(Click on the chart for a larger, expanded view)


Assembly Manual



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