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K-Line Irrigation products are sold through a network of established irrigation dealers that specialize in the installation and support of pastureland products. Selling through a network of retailers across North America helps us offer a cost-effective product by decreasing shipping costs, assures our products are readily available to local markets and permits our customers to have the best experience possible given localized expertise and installation services.

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Kwik Shifter
Watch It In Action

Kwik Shifter
Watch It In Action

Kwik Shifter
Watch It In Action
About the Kwik Shifter

The ultra-durable Kwik Shifter dolly permits an operator to remain on their ATV while moving K-Lines from one position to the next. The operator simply lines up the ATV and Kwik Shifter to drive over a shifter ball connected with a rope to the end of each K-Line. Highly engineered scoops hold the shifter ball within the Kwik Shifter dolly which will remain there until the operator releases the spring-controlled scoops upon arriving at the desired new position.


Fitting your K-Line system and ATV with the Kwik Shifter setup provides the following benefits:

  • Reducing time and labor involved in moving K-Lines.
  • Reducing opportunity for injury in mounting and dismounting your ATV.
  • Extending the length of the ATV from the first sprinkler, effectively reducing the amount of “spray” the operator experiences.
  • Allows the ATV to turn sharper and more quickly after snagging each K-Line.


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