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Simple. Economical. Low-Maintenance.

K-Line is a cost-effective, adaptive irrigation solution designed specifically with the grass-based livestock producer in mind. After three decades of success, K-Line has also proven itself as an excellent solution for other agricultural, residential, and commercial uses as well. Explore how our solutions can fit your specific needs and contact us for a consultation today.

How it Works

K-Line Pod System

System Design


  1. After working with you to assess your needs, your property will be divided up into as many zones (or sections) as is necessary. Each zone will be serviced by one supply riser, a feedline, and a K-Pipe with the necessary number of sprinklers and pods. Each zone will be further divided into 6 – 12 sets depending upon your property’s irrigation needs.
  2. Depending on whether 12 or 24-hour irrigation periods are used, and how many sets are required, each zone will be fully irrigated within three to 12 days before returning each K-Line to the original start position.



For assistance with choosing the correct K-Line components, please fill out our Consultation Request Form.


For additional details on how parcels are designed for a K-Line system, visit the full

K-Line Product Page.

How it Works

G-Set Irrigation System

The Ultimate Variable Rate Irrigation Solution


permanent-set & Technologically Advanced.

Remote-Controlled, Variable application rates.

  1. Both post and pod mounts are available and can be used in tandem on the same property. 
  2. Various solar-powered control options permit individual, remote control of each sprinkler.
  3. Low-pressure sprinklers maximize the production of large water droplets that are less impacted by wind, serving to decrease on-farm energy consumption.
  4. Individual sprinkler controls permit ultra-precise fertilizer application based on various field factors, ensuring conservation of resources and money.
  5. Optional cloud-based, remote management and soil moisture sensing units can be incorporated, further decreasing manual monitoring requirements.  


For assistance with a G-Set design or details, fill out a Consultation Request Form.


For additional details on how parcels are designed for a G-Set system, visit the full

G-Set Product Page.

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Work with a local specialist

K-Line Irrigation products are sold through a network of established irrigation dealers that specialize in the installation and support of pastureland products. Selling through a network of retailers across North America helps us offer a cost-effective product by decreasing shipping costs, assures our products are readily available to local markets and permits our customers to have the best experience possible given localized expertise and installation services.

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What Our Clients Say

"It’s a major benefit not needing a $55/hr technician to repair or maintain the K-line. No greased fittings, no chains, no gearboxes … It’s as simple as flood with the efficiency of sprinklers."

Brian Russ
Agape Farms, Montalba, TX

I really like the K-Line irrigation system with its towable sprinkler pods and flexible HDPE supply line. K-Line lays out very linearly with a “watering zone” typically matching up very nicely with a grazing corridor width. With the K-Line system, we can shut off water to each set of pods as needed to allow for a dry-out period and keep it dry for the grazing period. The linearity of a K-Line layout allows for very simple strip grazing within each watering zone.

Jim Gerrish
Grazing Expert, Consultant, & Speaker; May, ID

"No better product for me. I get the labor-saving advantage of wheel line and the low maintenance cost of handline in one product."

Jay Russ
Ferndale, CA

"We graze highly sloped hillsides where other forms of irrigation would be impractical. The mutualistic partnership between intensive grazing and K-Line Irrigation has allowed us to average 2.2 lbs of gain per day while grazing in drought conditions."

John Sattler
North Star Land & Cattle, East TX

"We doubled the carrying capacity compared to the previous owners."

Woody Thames
Agape Farms, Montalba, TX

When it comes to pasture irrigation, simplicity is everything.  The more moving parts, the more maintenance and frustration. We use K-Line because there are no moving parts which make for fewer headaches and downtime.

Richard Parry
Fox Fire Farms; Ignacio, CO
Customized Irrigation Solutions
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