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G-Set System

K-Line Irrigation products are sold through a network of established irrigation dealers that specialize in the installation and support of pastureland products. Selling through a network of retailers across North America helps us offer a cost-effective product by decreasing shipping costs, assures our products are readily available to local markets and permits our customers to have the best experience possible given localized expertise and installation services.

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Watch How It Works
G-Set Irrigation

Watch How It Works
G-Set Irrigation

Watch How It Works
G-Set Irrigation

G-Set Features

G-set is a solid set irrigation system that requires no moving. It is automated to run on a specific schedule which can be quickly and easily adjusted via remote control. Each G-set pod has its own automatic valve and controller, permitting individual control of each unit. This is an outstanding feature when irrigating undulating ground, differing soil types, and/or multiple crops with varying water requirements. If your goal is to reduce labor and have a highly efficient irrigation system, then G-set may be right for you.


The G-Set system has a variety of options that make applying water exactly when and where needed as easy as changing channels on the TV.

  • Individual, variable-rate application
  • Solar-powered, battery-operated, valve controls
  • Software & hardware which permit scheduling & effortless schedule edits
  • Cloud connectivity option permits total system monitoring from a smartphone and soil moisture sensing

Each pod and post has its own solar-assisted, battery-powered control unit which operates a low-power latching solenoid. Each control unit is independent, meaning it runs on a set of instructions until a new set of instructions are issued by an operator. Since each unit is independent of the rest of the system, should one unit fail, it will not cause total-system failure. 

Each autonomous unit can be individually controlled to adjust for desired irrigation depth, seasonal requirements, weather patterns, crop vegetative stage, livestock location, fertilizer application, etc.


The autonomous nature of G-Set permits the system to operate with only one unit running per lateral line, or loop, decreasing the amount of water pressure and volume required to irrigate a parcel compared to other traditional forms of irrigation. Valves and sprinklers, designed specifically for G-Set, were constructed and selected with the express purpose of operating in low-pressure situations. This ensures...

  • lower system operating costs via lower energy consumption. 
  • water conservation as there is little to no runoff.
  • less drift due to the production of larger water droplets. 

In-ground pod or above-ground post-mounted options can be used singularly, or in combination, to achieve the perfect solution for every unique parcel and scenario. Both options are designed and constructed to prevent interference or damage from livestock.

  • Pod mounts can be placed with the contour of the land without impacting water distribution. Being closer to the ground minimizes stream drift from sprinklers.
  • Post mounts permit greater spacing between units and therefore decrease material costs. However, sprinkler streams are more likely to be disrupted by the wind. 

Whether utilizing post or pod-mounted sprinklers and pipe, you won't need to worry about damage to your G-Set system from livestock. 

  • Pods are constructed of ultra-durable polyethylene, ensuring the protection of valves, controls, and sprinklers.
  • Pods sit low to the ground ensuring that livestock can't rub on them, yet they are high enough that they can't step into the pod. Stock guards can be added to the top opening for additional protection.
  • Posts offer the option of placing sprinklers and valves above animal height, minimizing potential damage. 
G-Set Product FAQs
Does G-set require a power source?

No external power is needed to operate G-Set controllers. Each controller has a battery that is recharged by a built-in solar panel.

Does G-set require internet/ethernet connection?

The G-set system was designed to operate without needing an external connection. Two controller options are available; one is self-contained/independent and the other is operated by a Radio Mesh network. The network is only needed when changing the irrigation schedule (not for daily operation).

However, we do have the ability to use an INC (Irrigation Network Control) and use a network/internet connection for remote start/stop, scheduling changes, etc. These advanced features are very convenient where a network connection is available. 

What's volume of water is required to operate G-set?

One G-set sprinkler uses approximately 50 GPM. If more than 50 GPM is available, it might be possible to run more than one unit simultaneously.

What spacing is typically used between units?

Typical spacing is 130 ft. between sprinklers and 115 ft. between rows in a triangular pattern. This provides an excellent distribution pattern with sufficient overlap, without adding excessive expense to the system. With this spacing, systems typically end up designed with approximately three G-set pods per acre.

Can G-Set be used with livestock present?

G-set was invented specifically for grazing operations. The sprinklers and controllers are protected by very durable pods or posts.

What does G-Set cost per acre?

The cost per acre varies depending upon the required spacing between units and whether part circle sprinklers are used along roads and or fence lines. A general range is around $2,500 to $5,000 per acre for the G-set materials (not including pumps, underground pipe, labor, etc.).

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