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Effluent Disposal

Mini Irrigation System Manages Runoff

As animal feeding operations (AFOs) come under increasing environmental pressures, farmers and researchers are finding new ways to manage feedlot runoff.

What is a VTS and How Does it Work

A Vegetative Treatment System (VTS) is a system that can be applied on small to medium sized, open lot, livestock feeding operations. It is a system comprised of a solids settling basin, an outlet structure, and a Vegetative Treatment Area (VTA).

Mixed grasses grown in treatment areas

University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension goals include finding ways to make environ­mental regulations compatible and affordable for family livestock farmers, ranchers and feeders.

Treatment system easy to install and operate

RICHARD BAUMERT was assisted in setting up a sprinkler vegetative treatment system on his West Point farm by Jason Gross, a University of Nebraska Extension engineer technician. Baumert’s system drains two hog platforms and cattle yards.

K-Line Irrigation Announces a New Effluent Distribution System

K-Line Irrigation has developed new over size pods and polyethylene tubing to accommodate the growing effluent disposal and distribution market.

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