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This Tank is a Drag

This 4 x 2 x 4 foot portable tank has made Nebraska cattleman Curt Morrow's rotational grazing system more feasible because all he needs to move it everyday is an ATV. The tank's quick recharge features ensures that his cattle have water when they need it.

What's it worth to keep grass growing?
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Yoders use irrigation ponds to take the edge off summer droughts.

Pivots Out, Line-Pod Irrigation In for Pasture

Colorado rancher says, in irrigation, "simplicity is everything." Line-pod irrigation systems offer greater flexibility in irrigating pastures and their simplicity means that pasture managers don't have to "watch pastures shrivel up while waiting for a technician to come repair a center pivot."

Line-Pod Irrigation Helps Revive Western Nebraska Ranch

Line-pod irrigation system revives Nebraska ranch and is simple enough for a former city businessman to manage and maintain. The 400-acre pasture equipped with pod-line irrigation has permitted carrying capacity to more than triple.

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