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K-Line Introduces The New Portable Cattle Watering Tank

K-Line Irrigation’s new Cattle Watering Tank is perfect for Rotational Grazers.


The watering tank can be pulled behind an ATV or small tow vehicle and is designed to be moved along with the cattle as they move from grazing cell to grazing cell through the rotation.


A short rope attaches to the heavy duty frame and allows the waterer to be easily towed from location to location. Multiple 375’ lengths of highly flexible K-Line 32mm polyethylene tubing (not included in above price), allows the driver to position the tank close to under utilized portions of the pasture. The entire move can be done in a few minutes.


Benefits of K-Line’s Cattle Watering Tank

  • More Efficient Pasture Usage: Cattle typically graze the entire field more efficiently if water is close and readily available.
  • Increased Production: Producers believe that minimizing long walks to water can increase milk and or meat production gains.
  • Reliability: K-Line’s heavy duty all stainless steel tank with rugged steel tubing framework is designed for maximum durability and longevity. The tanks low profile minimizes rubbing and the potential for cattle to tip the tank over.
  • Ease of Use: The K-Line Cattle waterer minimizes labor by moving with an ATV or small tow vehicle.
  • Reduces Mud Holes: The system reduces the deep mud holes normally created around permanent watering tanks. If water is close, cattle will typically come in ones and twos instead of the mob drinking that causes bumping and jostling at the tank.
  • Easy to Adapt: The waterer comes equipped with a quick disconnect cam lock at the base and a proven, field tested float assembly. Multiple 375’ lengths of highly flexible 32mm (1 ¼") polyethylene K-Line tubing can be added to adapt to your current watering connections.
  • Manure Distribution: Manure (fertilizer), is more evenly distributed throughout the pasture instead of  being concentrated around permanent watering tanks.
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