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Introducing K-Line Irrigation’s New Pop-Up Sprinkler Assembly!

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A constant problem for orchard growers is harvesting fruit and nut crops around permanent irrigation systems. K-Line Irrigation solves this problem with lines of sprinklers that can be easily moved out of the way during harvesting.


K-Line Irrigation’s new Pop-Up is designed specifically for orchard applications where the sprinklers must pop-up above the top level of the pod and then deliver a flat spray under the branches of the trees. The flat spray eliminates branch interference and improves water distribution patterns. The K-Line Pop-Up is designed to be used with the Nelson Irrigation 9° low angle sprinkler that delivers a flat spray with good uniformity.


K-Line Pop-Up shown with Nelson R2000 Sprinkler with 9° trajectory


Pop-Up shown in "UP" position to indicate pod clearance.



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