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Although portability and durability don’t often go hand-in-hand, the PortaTank is an exception! The tank itself weighs less than 26 lbs. but, because of the proprietary blend of low-medium density polyethylene, is incredibly shatter and crack resistant. The combination of portability, durability, and high-capacity recharge rate is sure to make this tank a favorite for rotational livestock graziers.


It's lightweight enough to toss in the back of the truck or drag behind an ATV (even across gravel) but strong enough to hold up to freezing/thawing stress and repeated hoof action. No more buying a new plastic trough every year!



  • Lightweight and durable design permits easy relocation by hauling or dragging
  • High-capacity recharge
  • Head space for 3-4 adult cattle
  • Protected fittings prevent damage from livestock
  • Quick empty via tipping or removing drain cap
  • Shatter & crack resistant to -58 degrees F
  • Compatible with K-Line's K-Pipe
  • Excellent companion to existing K-Line irrigation
  • Wide base design prevents tipping by livestock
  • High visibility orange float ball permits water level evaluation from a distance
  • Easily connect multiple tanks together for larger herds



  • Managed grazing
  • Dry lots
  • Grazing cover crops
  • Temporary pasture
  • Rented ground
  • Rodeos
  • Stock shows
  • Long-distance hauling
Float Valve & Drain Plug
Float Valve & Drain Plug
Float Valve & Drain Plug
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