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G Set

G-Set is a modernized, even lower-labor irrigation solution - our “set it and forget it” system. Unlike the low-tech K-Line system, G-Set is highly sophisticated; ideal in situations where water application needs to be very specific, or water consumption is highly regulated. Soil moisture sensors and controllers can operate in unison to apply water exactly where and when it’s needed with little-to-no human intervention.


G-Set offers all the adaptability and flexibility features of K-Line but, since it’s a permanent site feature, does not require daily movement. G-Set can be purchased with in-ground or post-mounted sprinklers and can be used with or without soil moisture monitoring. G-Set is best suited for fields that can’t be accessed daily, have ultra-steep or rugged terrain, or have highly variable application rate requirements. G-Set is ideal in situations where labor is very limited, or operators must be very mindful of water usage.

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