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Pasture Irrigation Systems

What is Pasture Irrigation

Importance of Pasture Irrigation

Irrigation in general is simply the supply of water to land or crops to help them grow. So, pasture irrigation is a supply of water through a pasture. Whether that water is for horses, cattle, sheep, goats, or just an area you want to keep irrigated. We use K-line pasture irrigation systems because there are no moving parts that will make things more stressful. For pasture irrigation you want the main factor of simplicity which is another reason we use K-lines. You may be wondering now what is a K-line. A K-line is designed specifically with the grass-based livestock producer in mind.  A K-line system also allows you to create a defensible space around your home, staving off encroaching threats of wildfire and serving as a supplemental “insurance policy” for your home and your family’s wellbeing. This is why K-lines are used for pasture irrigation. They are very pasture friendly. 


Pasture irrigationBenefits of using pasture irrigation


- Helps prevent wildfires

- Livestock like to graze around the sprinkler systems on hot days

- K-lines that are used for pasture irrigation are designed to fit where you want them

- Accelerate regrowth periods

- Enhance the productivity of perennial plantings

- Extending the growing season

- Allows for additional grazing or harvests



Types of irrigation systems

K-lines are used for pasture irrigation but we offer another irrigation system called G-set irrigation. This system is more sophisticated than the K-line system. While still low on labor, this system doesn't require to be moved. It operates on a set schedule and can be adjusted through remote control.

Types of irrigation methods

There are three common types of irrigation methods. The first one is surface irrigation. This is when the water is distributed over soil surface by gravity. This is often used in fields. The next common irrigation method is sprinkler irrigation. This is exactly what it sounds like. It is a sprinkler system provides water that mimics rainfall. This is frequently used for pasture or horse irrigation. This is the system you would be using for your pasture. Because this method mimics rainfall the amount of water will maximize your potential and is the largest that you can operate from a standard faucet. For this system, the water sprinkler heads push up above the ground when the water goes through the pipes. When the water pressure stops, they retract back down to ground level. The final irrigation method is drip irrigation. This sysetm is used for crops. It gives water and nutrients directly to the plant's roots, so each plant gets exactly what it needs. 

These are all good methods for irrigation. However, for pasture irrigation the sprinkler method is the way to go. 


For more information about K-line irrigation, G-set irrigation, or our different types of packages,  contact us or click on the links provided. 

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