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Common System Issues




Possible Causes & Solutions

Partial or poor distribution from sprinkler(s).

- Plugged nozzle. Remove the nozzle and check for obstruction. 

- Obstruction in the tubing. Remove the Tow Cap and flush the line.

- Improper pump pressure. Check pump pressure.
- Damaged tubing leaking water. Make square cuts to remove the damage and splice the line together with a Straight Coupling.
- Saddle improperly mounted on tubing. Remove the saddle and remount it squarely on the tubing.
Pods roll over during shifting. - Towing vehicle is too far away from the last pod (pod closest to towing vehicle). Keep 6 - 8 ft. away from last pod while shifting.
K-Line fittings come loose from tubing.

- Improper tightening of the K-Line connectors. To repair, cut off and discard 3" of old scarred tubing (be sure to make square cuts). Then, use pipe wrenches to more firmly tighten the connectors. For further details, see Page 6, Step 10A of the Assembly Manual.

- If the above solution fails, replace the fitting with a new fitting that has sharp edges.

Water stream hits the inside of the pod. - Tapping saddle is improperly tightened down. Reposition tapping saddle and tighten down evenly.
Feed Line loop gets too tight.  - Feed Line needs to be repositioned. 
  - Feed Line is too short. Add more tubing or narrow the width of the irrigated area.
K.PIPE becomes kinked.

- Shifting the K-Line without water running and/or when temperatures are too hot. Straigthen the kinked line and use a rubber mallet to lightly pound the tubing back into shape.

  - if the damage is severe, remove a 3" section around the kinked area (using square cuts) and reconnect with a Straight Coupling.



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