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K-Line Products and Benefits

Products and Benefits

Our Products

K-line irrigation Systems

K-line Irrigation is a type of low-cost, low-labor, low-operating-pressure irrigation solution designed specifically with the grass and turf production in mind. K-line irrigation systems are designed to meet your specific needs and the unique layout of your land. Originally designed for for an economical pasture irrigation option, the ease-of-use and practicality of the system has proven beneficial in many other situational uses such as sports fields, dust control in arenas and construction sites, and as a low-cost method for providing a defensible space around homes that may be threatened by wildfires. You can have multiple of these irrigation systems in a field, or just one, depending on the size of your property. K-Line systems are flexible  to each situation, location, and budget. K-Line’s proprietary polyethylene recipe allows systems to beflexible,easy to maneuver, and quick to relocate.



K-line farm packs

These Farm Packs are our "grab and go", full system packages. In each pack, you will receive all necessary sprinkler and fitting componentry, installation tools, and the installation guide. Single packs are typically used on 1-4 acre areas, and medium-sized packs are used on 4-11 acre areas. K-Line dealerships also offer bulk materials which are advised to consider for operations of greater than 11 acres. You can work with a K-line dealer and design specialist who will help you create a custom design for your property from "bulk" materials. This  option ensuresyou purchase the correct componentry and don't buy more inventory than necessary.


G-set irrigation sysetms

Our final and most sophisticated irrigation system is the G-Set system. G-Sets are solid set irrigators in in-ground pods or elevated posts  that require no moving and are programmed on a set schedule that you can change via remote control. These systems come  in a variety of technological capabilities from simple timing variations to options that include moisture sensors and remotely transmitting data. G-Set systems  were designed to be used around livestock and in grazing operations therefore there’s no need to worry about livestock damage to these systems. If you’re looking for a low-maintenance, simple, yet sophisticated pasture irrigation system whose performance isn’t impacted by fences or livestock rotations, G-Set is your solution!  



Benefits of using our products

  • Easily manage irrigation, fences, and livestock movements with minimal effort.
  • Mitigate wildfire threats
  • Accelerate regrowth periods (forage aftergrowth and/or cover crop germination)
  • Enhance the productivity of perennial plantings
  • Extending the growing season
  • Benefit from additional grazing periods or harvests
  • Eliminate the need for expensive technical expertise and maintenance
  • Scale your growth. Start with a trial area and add more as funds permit.
  • Avoid manipulating property elements such as buildings, trees, and fences. Tough, yet flexible UV resistant materials
  • Installation so simple you can do it yourself



For more information about K-line irrigation, G-set irrigation, or our different  Farm Pack Sizes,  contact us or click on the links provided. 

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